Helping you devise structured interview questions based on the Parenting Judgement Indicator

The purpose of the Interview Guide is to aid the selection and development of foster carers who, in decision making situations with children, can flex their approach according to the needs of the young people and the circumstances that prevail.  At the heart of the Interview Guide is an online questionnaire, the Parenting Judgement Indicator (PJI).  The PJI is used to devise tailor made interview questions that enable the interviewer to establish if the candidate has the ability to reflect openly on their use of participation and control when caring for children.   

ACCESS THE GUIDE - Download a pdf of the Interview Guide from Google Drive here.

The following advice from a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist to users of this Interview Guide is important: ‘Having sat on a fostering approval panel previously, I would suggest that when the PJI is used as part of fostering profiling, agencies make it absolutely clear that it is a reflective and informative tool ... like in many aspects of the approval process, it would be the ability to discuss and reflect openly on the results that would be most important for the agency in determining suitable carers.’



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